Enervision E-Guard NM12-200L 200Ah 12V Gel/AGM Battery

E-Guard NML (Long life) Series is designed for solar and alternative energy system. The series is featured of its long service life. It is widely used in solar and wind power systems, UPS and power utility.

Battery Features

Long service life in floating condition.
Stable quality and high pass rate.
High consistency in group use.
Low self-discharging rate.


The E-guard NML (Long life) range is a gel design with an AGM separator (commonly referred to as Lead Crystal) and is designed for solar and alternative energy systems.

Typical Applications

Solar Energy Systems.
Wind Energy Systems.
Power Utility.
Electrical Specification
Design floating Life @ 20°C

15 years.
Nominal Capacity @ 25°C

20 hour rate 11.62A to 1.75Vpc 232.4 Ah.
10 hour rate 22.67A to 1.75Vp 226.6 Ah.
Internal Resistance (Fully charged battery @ 25°C)

3.5 mΩ.
Max. Discharge Current @ 25°C

2200 A (5S).
Charge Methods (Constant voltage charge @ 25°C)

Cycle Use: 14.7 ~ 14.9V Max.
Current: 58A.
Standby Use: 13.6 – 13.8V.
Operating Temperature Range

Discharge: -15 ~ 50°C.
Charge: 0 ~ 50°C.
Storage: -15 ~ 50°C.
Recommended Operating Temp: 15 ~ 25°C.

3% of capacity declined per month @ 20°C.
Dimensions and Weight

L x W x H: 522mm x 269mm x 220mm
Total Height: 225mm.
Weight: 65.5Kg.

Additional information

Weight 65.5 kg
Dimensions 52.2 × 26.9 × 22.5 cm


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