Omnipower OPR240 240Ah 12V AGM+ Battery

Suitable for all applications and industries: Telecommunications, Process Control, Power Stations, Solar & Wind, UPS, Railway Systems, Backup Power Systems, Emergency Lighting, Streetlights, Fire & Security Systems, Cell Towers, Hospitals, Banks, Computer Centres.

General Features

High Corrosion Resistant Performance: Pb-Ca multi-alloy grid.

Patented Silicate Compound Electrolyte.

Superior Charge Acceptance.

Outstanding High and Low Temperature Performance.

Optimised Capability of instant High-current Discharging.

Excellent Deep Discharge Cycle Life.

Design Life is 12 Years.



Process Control.
Power Stations.
Solar & Wind.
Railway Systems.
Backup Power Systems.
Emergency Lighting.
Fire & Security Systems.
Cell Towers.
Computer Centres.
Technical Specifications

Nominal Voltage: 12V.
Rated Capacity: 10 Hour Rate (5.50A to 10.8V)/200Ah, 3 Hour Rate (14.3A to 10.8V)/156Ah, 1 Hour Rate (34.0A to 10.5V)/120Ah.
Internal Resistance: ±2.5mΩ.
Self-discharge Rate: 3%/month @ 25°C.
Operating Temperature Range: Discharge (-40°C~60°C), Charge (-40°C~60°C), Storage (-40°C~50°C).
Charging Methods: Floating Use (13.5V~13.8V @ 25°C), Cycling Use (14.4V~15.0V @ 25°C).
Max Charge Current: 50.0A.

Dimensions and Weight

Length: 522mm (±1.5mm).
Width: 239mm (±1.5mm).
Height: 219mm (±1.5mm).
Total Height: 224mm (±1.5mm).
Weight: 62.5kg.

Additional information

Weight 62.4 kg
Dimensions 52.2 × 23.9 × 22.4 cm


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