Raylite M-Solar 3MIL17F 535Ah 6V Battery

The M-Solar battery consisting of reliable tubular cells, is capable of high cycling – in excess of 1500 cycles to a 50% depth of discharge. In terms of price, this battery represents an economical alternative to other power storage options.

Solar power batteries can be used for

Microwave stations.
Radio repeaters.
Remote or hard to reach installation.
Renewable energy installation.
Please note that the image is for illustrative purposes only and may not represent the actual Battery/Monoblock appearance.


Power generated by wind or solar energy means needs to be stored for when the energy source is not available. For major installations tubular batteries are preferred, while rural applications (where the load comprises a few lights and a television) a RR battery may provide a cost-effective solution.

Technical Specifications

Type: 3 MIL 17S.
Voltage: 6V.
Capacity @ 25°C (C20): 535Ah.
Approximate Battery Dimensions: 585 mm x 198 mm x 445 mm.
Battery Mass: 91kg.
Acid Volume per Cell (litres): 6.3L.

Additional information

Weight 91 kg
Dimensions 58.5 × 19.8 × 44.5 cm


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